Video Testimonials from Fleet Managers

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Re-refined Oil Meets All Vehicle Manufacturer Warranties
Re-refined oil, like virgin-based oil, meets the same high American Petroleum Institute standards. That is why re-refined oil is recommended for use by all major auto and truck manufacturers and it meets all manufacturer warranty requirements. Statements from Bill Birch, Fleet Services Operations Manager, City of Oxnard and Mark Mitchell, President Coast Oil Company

Re-refined Oil Has a 20 Year Proven Track Record
For more than 20 years, fleet operators in California have been using re-refined motor oil in their fleet vehicles with excellent results. Fleets use re-refined oil because it has a proven track record of being good for their fleets and good for the environment. Statements from Tom Gannon, Fleet Manager, County of Alameda Public Works.

RRO Performs Superbly in Grueling Start and Stop Conditions
California fleet managers discuss how re-refined motor oil is a great performer even under the most demanding conditions. Statements from Grahame Watts, Operations Manager, City of Thousand Oaks Public Works and Rick Longobart, Fleet Superintendent, City of Inglewood

Re-refined Oil is an Environmentally Friendly Closed-Loop Product
Oil never wears out, it just gets dirty. Re-refined motor oil is used oil that gets cleaned through a state-of-the-art process to become "good-as-new" oil. This makes it a closed-loop product that can be used, cleaned, and then used again and again. Statements from Rick Longobart, Fleet Superintendent, City of Inglewood and Timothy G. Plax, Ph.D., a professor at CSU Long Beach.

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